About Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly commenced her career in Banking & Finance working with one of Australia’s leading banks and has worked in various locations throughout Australia managing a range of small to medium small business clients. 

During her 15 year Corporate career, Kim gained extensive experience working across a wide range of industries and in doing so developed specialized skills in assessing finance risks and the creation of risk mitigation strategies to ensure the success of her employer and clients. Witnessing their success, Kim was influenced to use her skills to create Simple Sums where she introduced her concept Lifestyle Number – which asks us to consider – what are we working for?

While assessing her own Lifestyle Number, Kim and her husband Paul chose to achieve their financial goals by investing in Commercial Property development.  

Together with their business partners they have now established a large commercial property portfolio whose success was the result of their combined skills, networks and ability to access capital by using her Profit Strategy tool.

Through the creation of her business Simple Sums, Kim has tested her Lifestyle Number and Profit Strategy tools with each of her 1:1 clients and has gained practical experience by working onsite in various industries and business types to validate the success that these tools can create for her private clients.

Kim is now ready to share these tools with business owners around the world in her new online platform, so that more business owners can create the success in their own Lifestyle Numbers.