Ready to join our Profit Strategy Year Program?

If you’re ready to take control of your own money and become the Financial Controller in your business, then our Profit Strategy Year Program is designed for YOU!

This program is the perfect next step after completion of one of our online programs where we teach you what we consider to be the key drivers to financial success.  However, we also understand that sometimes you just need someone to step in and take control of your money whilst you learn along the way.

Either way, if this sounds like you, we’d love you to apply for our Profit Strategy Year Program.  Why do you need to apply?  We believe that success takes hard work and dedication from our clients and to ensure we can deliver what we promise, our program has a range of minimum requirements that we will expect from you.

The result?  Complete financial peace of mind, every month, every year, as you work towards achieving the Lifestyle Numbers you set for yourselves every year.

$1,000 /month

Profit Strategy Year

  • Fully customised Profit Strategy for your business
  • Monthly Profit Strategy completion by one of our Profit Strategists with month to date, year to date and cash summary reporting
  • Monthly Director Reports with observations on your performance to Profit Strategy
  • 1:1 monthly support from our Profit Strategists
  • Invite only events
$1,250 /month

Profit Strategy Year & Compliance

  • All features of our entry level program PLUS
  • Review of monthly compliance obligations including Super, BAS, PAYGW and others as necessary
  • Management of the Monthly/Quarterly BAS and PAYGW lodgements
$1,500 + Month

Profit Strategy Year with Compliance & Tax

  • All features of our Profit Strategy Year program with Compliance PLUS
  • Tax planning discussions each April to optimise your business for TAX
  • Assistance with annual tax preparation including data collection, provision of data to your Accountant, answering all Accountant queries and review of DRAFT and FINAL Financial Statements
  • Management of final tax lodgements and payments
  • Assistance with Payment plans as necessary

Not quite sure if this is for you?