Kim Kelly

We get it.  Money, numbers, accounting, bookkeeping and stuff….can be boring, but.……don’t let this stop you from taking control of your numbers and your financial future.  It can also be easy and Simple Sums was created to show you how do it for yourself, quickly and easily.

If you’re new to our site here’s some lingo you will need to know!

What is a Lifestyle Number?  

Lifestyle Number is the total amount of money you need every year (after tax) to pay for your life and once you know it, it becomes the driving force behind every decision you make in the year ahead.

What is a Profit Strategy?

Profit Strategy is our custom financial tool that solves the gap in our Lifestyle Numbers and provides intending and small business owners with the financial insights to achieve their Lifestyle Numbers through monthly profit and cash forecasts.

What is an Income Driver?

Income Drivers are the (3) main income categories that we assign to a business to use as a key measure towards performance and profit.

What is an Expense Driver?

Expense Drivers are the two main fixed expenses in our business of staff and debt.

What is a PSY?

PSY is not a playstation….it’s short for Profit Strategy Year and it’s how we manage and measure our Profit Strategy every month.